Introduction: Mogulettes Africa is a registered global women entrepreneurs platform and online inspirational community founded in March 2016 by Nigeria’s broadcaster and media entrepreneur, Pat Obilor; to celebrate women in business as well as provide affordable PR support for Women led startups, events and new ventures through its soft-sell magazine: Mogulettes… the influential woman magazine!

Background: At Mogulettes Africa, we believe that the glorious clout of the African woman is indeed on the rise in various parts of the world and they are gaining more social, political, financial and impactful relevance in all sector and we cannot but tap into the frenzy of a new decade to celebrate some of these women who are winning in all facets. Before now, women in history have paved the way for women of today and as much as we continue to remember the strengths of the likes of Miriam Makeba who was dubbed the Mother of Africa, Margaret Ekpo – The Fashionable Feminist, Queen Nzinga – The reformist, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti – The Woman Activist, Yaa Asantewa – The Commander in Chief, Winnie Mandela, Ruth Williams, Lady Khama – The Motswanan, Ladi Dosei Kwali, pioneer of modern pottery in Nigeria and also the first and only Nigerian woman to appear on the currency note N20 Naira, we must continue to pass on the touch of giving our women their accolades.

We cannot also forget the likes of Florence Nwanzuruahu Nkiru Nwapa; she is the first female writer in the country. She is also Africa’s first female novelist to have an internationally published work in the English language. Kofo Ademola is the first Nigerian woman to get an undergraduate degree from the Oxford University. Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi is the first female physician to practice in Nigeria. She is also the first West African woman to earn a license of Royal Surgeon in Dublin. General Aderonke Kale is the first female army major-general in Nigeria. She enlisted in the army after becoming a medical doctor. Virginia Etiaba is the first female governor in Nigeria’s history. She ruled from November 2006 to February 2007, Grace Alele Williams was one of the first Nigerian women to obtain a PhD in Mathematics. She is also the first female vice-chancellor in Nigeria. Sarah Nnadzwa Jibril is Nigeria’s first female presidential candidate both at the primaries and main elections. Folake Solanke is the first woman to join the Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN). Thirty eight (38) years later, women make up only 4.2% of the entire organization. Captain Chinyere Onyenaucheya is Nigeria’s first female commercial pilot in the nation and recently in January 2020, Angelique Kidjoe brought more accolades to Africa through her 4th Grammy Win. So if you look at it, our African women have been on top of their game for a very long time.

Facts/Concept: The achievements of these women are inspirational and encouraging to Africa as a whole and we have to continually give accolades the women who are “Changing the feminine narrative and challenging the status quo of women on the continent”. Hence, the 2020 Mogulettes List of 100 Nigeria’s most influential Women in Career and Businessis be based partly on some Forbes richest women list as we focus our women moguls. Also, this list will be based on their social and political influence across countries as they climb the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder in their chosen careers. To narrow down, we share our top 100 Mogulettes in Africa starting from the Women in Nigeria, a country globally acclaimed as the giant of Africa. We are giants in many things but more so in our caliber of women who have taken giant strides in their careers and businesses. They have overtime proven to be the go-to person in their various fields and the least we can do in a new decade is to remind you of their greatness.

The Decision: Due to the many powerful and influential women we have in Nigeria, coming up with this 100 competitive lists was quite a challenging task as it took us sleepless nights and days to compile these lists. Categories on the list include various sectors dominated by Mogulettes herein describes as Mogulettes in leadership and politics, Business, Philanthropy, Diplomacy, Education & Literature, Entertainment, Legal, and Sports. The Fashion, ministry, event and hospitality, Media and Mogulettes in entrepreneurship ventures etc are also not left out.

This list is quite versatile and the idea was to touch on different generations of women entrepreneurs; interestingly, some of the featured women have also graced major international pages including Forbes, BBC 100 Women, Avance Media,, AFLI, she Leads Africa, Woman Rising,  Genevieve Magazine, Lionesses of Africa, Guardian Woman,, Schick, the W Community, Today’s Woman,, YNiaja, Metro Woman,, She writes woman, Lagos Mums, business day Newspaper’s Women’s Hub, Women of Rubies and Leading Ladies Africa etc. So if you go through this list and think a woman doesn’t fit into the “rich influential women list “yet, know that being influential goes beyond money or fame so let’s also look at her “impact list” or “women supporting women list” of how she has used her presence and platform to help others or to improve on her own personal life.

In positive light, in no particular order, we present to you our 2020 Mogulettes and we hope that unveiling and celebrating these phenomenal women promises a higher inspiration for our aspiring ladies to continue building on their dreams, putting a face to their business brands and become a role model too.

Thank you and happy international Women’s day celebration. We celebrate you today @mogulettesafrica  Please feel free to share on your page and kindly tag us on Twitter, IG, Linkedin and Facebook @mogulettesafrica Read up more on #iwd2020 #unwomen #eachforequal #mogulettesafrica #womenofrubies #womensupportingwomen#theinfluentialwomennetwork #mogulettesafrica100women #2020moguletteswomen #BBC100women #forbeswomanafrica #womeninbusiness


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