The ideal woman every society needs is a woman who is not afraid to lead, to work, to excel, to love, to laugh, to cry, to dance and to serve. Those are the qualities of a Mogulette woman. You will agree with me that we are in a time when women are coming out to be more than housewives or just exist. In 2015, it was reported that: We are currently living under a record-high number of simultaneous female world leaders. For several years now, the stable status quo has been around 20 female world leaders at any given time. For much of 2014, the number was 22, a record high.” –

It is also true that the current on-going global female empowerment trend has inspired women to become business moguls who thrive in both their careers and their homes. No doubt, the innovative leadership and the entrepreneurial strength of the 21st century women in politics have continued to rise and has motivated a lot of the womenfolk to rise up against many favourable and unfavourable backdrops they had been exposed to; this of course is a passion that have developed from the share passion to speak up and stand up for other women, who probably cannot speak for themselves.

In politics or cooperate service, for every woman aspirant the world has recorded, there is always an innate passion for service, families and for her nation. We find such qualities in many women leaders of the world from time past down to the current rise of Theresa May, British prime minister and Hilary Clinton, the first female democratic candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

So far, Hilary has held on to her faith in channelling the path of women politics in this era of gender wars, her testament in this political race is the strength of every ambitious woman out there who needs to win. For Theresa May, her assumption of office as British prime minister is what i will describe as a case of when: “opportunity meets with preparation” the Britain referendum to exit the EU and the resignation of David Cameron was strategic in speeding up the process of another woman’s dream to lead her country in solving the economic and social issues that arose as a result of the Brexit outcome.

British political Mogulette, Theresa May just like Hilary had always wanted to become the first British prime minister, she is said to also possess a steady and serious leadership qualities that has made her a role model for aspiring female MPs and she once told prospective candidates before the 2015 election that “there is always a seat out there with your name on it”. Now she has a seat which she had always nursed in her heart as one of her university friend once said about her on BBC: “I cannot remember a time when she did not have political ambitions. She did want to become the first woman prime minister and she was quite irritated when Margaret Thatcher got there first”- Pat Frankland.

Furthermore, in the cause of this whole global women activity in governance, America and Britain seems to be the two major continent of the world that has channelled the cause for women in global politics and since both nations have a huge influence in major parts of the Africa continent and if Nigeria is still the giant of Africa, then I foresee this women political revolution in Nigeria too.

Let’s cast our minds back to the 2015 election, and let’s capture a Nigerian woman who has such ambition as Hilary and Theresa, Remi Sonaiya, I do not know her personally but I met her through her manifesto of what she hopes to achieve for Nigeria and how she captured the situation of the Nigerian youth in her book, ”Daybreak Nigeria” where she said: “A Nigerian nation where every single citizen truly belongs; where no individual suffers avoidable exclusion; where the common good is pursued by all; where the citizens live dignified lives in a clean, orderly and safe environment, not subjected to needless deprivation due to the actions or inactions of their leaders I envision a Nigeria where all the available resources, both human and natural, work to enhance the international standing of the country and cause the African to walk tall on the global scene.”

For the Nigerian youths, she said: “You could have had a better life growing up, but we completely impoverished your parents.  Your dad was laid off when production almost ground to a complete halt at the factory where he worked because there was no electricity to keep the machines running. He lost his job, and you lost your dad.  Because he could not find another job he began drinking and staying out late.  One day he simply disappeared, and the next thing you knew his corpse was brought home for burial. At such a tender age you had to start hawking bread in the mornings before you left for school and as soon as you got back.  You had no time to play anymore. I apologize.” – Sonaiya

Again, Sonaiya has displayed the true essence of being a mother in the face of domestic and societal upheaval. With this development, and with a clear cut honour for African women and the residual respect for our menfolk, it is almost certain that Remi Sonaiya is more than ready to do it again in 2019, not because of suiting her feminine ego but to deploy the multitasking spirit of a woman’s strength in taking our nation to places we only see in the history of political manifestos. Are we going to permit Remi Sonaiya or other aspiring women in politics to come back again and answer the question of proper leadership from the womanist angle, the purpose of education, human development, youth inclusion and the communal creativity our nation has been trying to attain?

Conclusively, the dogged passion of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential ambition and the preparedness of Theresa May’s recent role as British prime minister is a vivid proof of women going beyond campaign talks to actual actions and the world needs to probably envisage more the from womenfolk. Now that, Theresa May is the new prime minister in Britain, if Hilary Clinton hopefully becomes American president come November 2016, and in 2019, Nigeria as the giant of Africa produces the first female president, then the top world leaders will be women. If you can’t remember all I have said, don’t forget to use this caption- Mogulettes in political leadership…Britain is on course, Americans already decided, will Nigerians beckon for a female president in 2019?


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