I noticed that when some ladies get married, they stopped looking young and attractive and start looking ‘ mamaly ‘, haggard…..old…..you will think they are their husbands aunt or elder sister. They tie wrapper everywhere…….. lol

Why? I really don’t know because it makes me sick! How can a beautiful drop dead gorgeous woman get married to the love of her life and then become Iya Apati in his home after childbirth? What happened to that beautiful woman with succulent breast and silky body?

Well, as for me, it is a responsibility to look attractive, sexy and lovely to my husband. You are his helpmeet and you owe it to him to look your best and find out what he loves. That is when you find out what he loves …  now that you are Single, prepare for him and if you are married, Marriages are different because of the different personalities involved. What works for Mr/Mrs. A may not work for Mr/Mrs. B. so step up your romantic game and add that extra sparks to your home and your bedroom. Do not assume that he is not interested because he speaks in tongues or he is a pastor or doesn’t act like the beard gangs or bad boys out there…He is human too, In case you forget.

So my lady, wear lingerie to bed….Wear shorts when it’s you and him..Never enter the kitchen in wrapper..Please! Make beautiful hairstyles…. Don’t wear weaves for months!
Know what your hubby likes on you not what you think it’s trendy….. Notice his reaction when he sees your new hairdo or clothing. If he admire you or show disapproval, do not shut up him up!

Recently, Mom was going out with dad, she wore a beautifully sown dress which I admired so much. I liked the fabric of the cloth and the creativity of colors; she was smiling until dad joined us at the living room….. Dad looked at her and told her to go and wear the dress she wore earlier…. I told dad,  ‘ Ah, this one is the one that is in vogue now,  see this material,  it’s nice and expensive…. ‘ I continued.  Dad said no way!  She looks like a retired headmistress in this,  I prefer the former outfit,  she looks smart in that ‘. Of course, and we laughed.
Mom went back to change into the dress her hubby picked for her, dad was satisfied and mom was happy…….  and off they went. Lots of lessons stuck to me as I watch them, but not discussing that today. As old and as occupied as they are, my dad still has the time to scrutinize what mom wears. Dad was not concerned if it was a designer or if she ordered it online or not….. Dad wants a Smart wife….. Mom changed into that other dress not because she wants to but because ‘ My husband wants me to ‘. She puts it that way.

So sister, when you get married, it’s no longer about only you and what you think. Some women imitate wives of men of God and it’s not wrong to imitate your ‘ Mummy G. O’s dress sense, but did your husband or fiancé show approval? How was mummy G.O dressing when she was your age?

To catch a man, some ladies are fond of doing everything for their man before marriage and afterwards, they change.  If he asked you to fix false eyelashes and you know you don’t like it, tell him!  Don’t play along and change after marriage.  It doesn’t werk! Let him know who he is marrying now!

If you know you’re not comfortable wearing pants, tell him now so you don’t start what you won’t finish! On a final note, please watch your weight and try fasting twice a week, apart from its spiritual benefits, it helps you keep in shape.
Also, don’t just eat anything because you are now married, do exercise…… Take a walk together…. It’s romantic to stay in shape, stay clean, stay smart, stay decent, stay attractive and be romantic. You can even give him some lap dance, it’s not a sin!



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